Saturday, May 24, 2014

Encouragement Gives Energy!

I am a Miami Heat fan - I believe they are the next Chicago Bulls.  They have the make up of greatness, of synergy and unity of purpose.  They have amazing talent and experience on their team; but what makes them great is their discipline and sacrifice to give up personal attention so that they can be successful as a team.

How do they keep everyone working, sacrificing and playing their roles on the team? How do they perservere through the losses, the disagreements, or when the strategy is not always working?

The key: Encouragement.  Encouragement brings energy.

Lebron and D. Wade are the clear leaders of the team.  For sure, they are the leaders because of their basketball skills.  But, they are seen as leaders because they lead the team with encouragement.  They are the two greatest motivators for everyone else.  They support one another.  They are sensitive to each player’s personality - they are watching for when a player is doubting himself - they are quick to push someone when they are only giving 75%.

What a great reminder for us when we are working with people.  By the way, we should treat the people around us like a team! Your team!  Bring people in with you to collectively serve together to accomplish a common mission.  

Give Encouragement

The 3 most critical times to encourage your team:

1. Just before an event or task that is big or difficult to do

Most of us do not have the initiative to step out and launch.  We need that motivational speech to move us to start - to act.

Your team needs to hear:
"You can do it”
“The time is now”
“I will help you"

2. At the halfway point of a project

We get overwhelmed and nervous that what we are trying to accomplish may not work.  Your team needs your vote of confidence that they are doing the right thing, that they have what it takes to accomplish the task.  

Your team needs to hear:
“I believe in you”
"stay strong”
“Don’t give up"

3. Just after that event or task

After an event, people are exhausted, and they are wondering if their work was worth it.  They are also wondering if those around them thought it was successful - (we need the approval of others.) They need celebration and acknowledgement.

Your team needs to hear:
“I’m so proud of you”
“You did it! you made it”
“It was worth it!”

Don’t underestimate the power of your encouragement at the right times.  If you want your team to win the game, start by encouraging them!