Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I Love December

I LOVE December.  It's my favorite month.  It takes me back to when I was a boy, back to the wonder, the joy, the anticipation of Christmas.

Top ten reasons I LOVE December:

1. I love wearing Fall Clothes and Christmas Colors. That becomes challenging living in South Florida, but I still try.

2. I love Christmas Cookies and I love the Christmas Peppermint Mocha cream in my coffee (actually, I enjoy the Peppermint Mocha all year round :)

3. I love the Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees, Christmas Candles

4. I love Christmas music - my very favorite! I love the choirs, the kids choirs, the orchestras, the bells.  

5. My birthday is in December!

6. Jesus' birthday is in December!

7. I love going to my church in December.  There is a spirit of joy, of peace, of giving.  There is a sense of holiness because of the miracle of God sending His very best gift to mankind: His Only Son, Jesus.

8. I look forward to a little bit of extra time off from work and responsibility - time with friends and family.  Celebration is in the air.

9. I love Christmas movies! I even still watch some of the old Christmas specials: Rudolph, Charlie Brown, Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

10. I love that the year is coming to an end - it's a time of reflection and thankfulness for how wonderful the year has been. 

I really appreciate how God created different seasons. For us in South Florida, we can easily forget that there are four seasons.  He made spring, summer, fall and winter.  He created cycles in life so that we would experience different rhythms, different tempos.  December is a season of celebration, family, worship of Jesus, of reflection.  It is not a time to create, build, or work.  Things do not grow in winter; they die.  The winter season is essential in God's divine cycle for the earth; I believe we must also abide in God's divine cycle.  If we embrace the "winter" in our life, then we will be fully ready for the coming "spring." 

I hope you will slow down your rhythm (and your blood pressure) - take the pressure off to try to fix something in your life, to begin something new.  Save that for spring time.  Rest, celebrate, enjoy time alone and enjoy time with family.  Give yourself margin to reflect on the goodness of God this past year.  Ask yourself good questions - learn from this year.  If you enjoy every day in December, you will be ready to embrace the Spring of 2016!

Merry Christmas!!