Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Does God Want To Do?

The great tension.  

The tension between what I can do…and what God wants to do.

As a Pastor, I feel a responsibility to lead, to move, to build, to do.  I do not care much to just sit and pray and just read my Bible…and wait.  

I am action-oriented, goal-driven.  I want to show something for my days and my work.  And I think God honors hard work and planning - setting goals.  He made us to be passionate for what He has called us to do.  He made us with a need to accomplish great things - especially when we work to do it to honor Him.  

What God is teaching me, however, is to not get in front of Him - to give Him space to speak to me and to lead me.  

So, today I am going to start my work week differently than I usually do:

Instead of setting my own goals, I will listen for God’s voice for His goals for me

Instead of prioritizing my tasks, I will try to understand God’s heart and make that my priority

Instead of moving at a fast pace, I will slow down and sync with God’s pace

Instead of teaching from my leadership and experience, I will teach from God’s Word - He is the Great Leader and Teacher

If we all would have this “Holy Mindset”, it puts us in the correct order of position.  You see, God has indeed called us to lead, to build, to move, to accomplish.  But He wants to lead us.

What He has planned for your life and for your ministry is so much greater, more impacting than you or I could ever plan.  How great to know that we can trust His plan to follow as we work in partnership with Him.  

Instead of asking “What can I do", 

today ask “What does God want me to do?"