Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Father

What is the proper view of God? The Bible shows God as Creator, Judge, King, Lord.  God is all of these things and much more.  Indeed, the Bible proclaims that God is unlimited, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. 

But what is the overarching role that God plays? How do we define a God Who is undefinable?

Jesus gives a glimpse into Who God is… and even making that statement is difficult to comprehend, as John, chapter 1 declares that Jesus IS GOD and is EQUAL with God, AND has ALWAYS BEEN GOD.  

In the book of Luke, chapter 11, we see the disciples of Jesus asking Him “how should we pray?”

Jesus responded with “Our Father, Who art in Heaven.” Jesus’ relationship to God was a FATHER/SON relationship.

As I pondered this relationship, my mind went to Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph.  I wonder how that relationship was? between that father and son? My guess is that Joseph loved Jesus.  Jospeh certainly raised Jesus well and even mentored him to be a carpenter like himself.  A father naturally will pass on his knowledge to his children. That’s what good parents do.

However, Joseph knew that Jesus was not REALLY his son.  Jesus was born of a virgin from the Holy Spirit.  And though Joseph loved Jesus like a son, he probably saw himself more as a caregiver than a father.  Jesus was the promised Messiah from God.  Jesus was BIGGER than Joseph.  

And how did Jesus feel about Joseph? Did Jesus ever really identify with him? There was never really a connect between them, because Jesus had a different mission-he was built for something else.  When Joseph and Mary lost track of Jesus one time on a trip, they did not know where to look for Him.  Eventually they went back to the temple and saw Jesus teaching and learning.  Jesus had to explain to his parents “didn’t you know that I would be in my Father’s house?”

Now we know that Jesus was perfect in every way - I’m sure he showed Joseph great respect.  However, could it be that Jesus, as a young man never felt like he had anyone on earth who could truly understand him? Studies show that children find their identity through their father.  Jesus could never truly find his identity through Jospeh.  As Joseph is teaching Jesus how to saw wood and glue together a chair, Jesus is uninterested and probably distracted.  Jesus had another calling - one that Joseph could never lead Him in.

This is why Jesus developed such a vibrant prayer life with God.  Jesus found intimacy with God - God was the Father to His Son, Jesus.  

Just imagine how Jesus felt when, after his earthly father had died, that Jesus went to be baptized, and when He did, His HeavenlyFather said publicly “this is MY SON in whom I AM well pleased.” The Holy Spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove, to signify the anointing and calling on His life.

God is bigger than our comprehension.  He goes beyond our limits.  But God describes Himself as:

Our Father, Who art in Heaven

Maybe your father here on earth is less than perfect.  Maybe your father was not attentive, put you down, or worse, was abusive.  Maybe you never really knew your father.  When you hear the word “Dad” or “Father”, you check out.  That scar is just too deep - you hide it and protect it.  You don’t want to go there.

God is your true Father.  He has a calling on your life.  

He is saying “YOU ARE MY SON, MY DAUGHTER IN WHOM I AM WELL PLEASED.” He wants to send His Holy Spirit to rest on your life, to be with you always, to lead you, to heal you, to lead you to Jesus.

Let God reach in and touch that father-wound.  I know it is hard to take your hands off the wound, and be vulnerable with your past and scars.  But your Father wants to touch that place with his loving hands and heal you.  

Your Father loves you! He’s thinking of You - right now.  He is well pleased with you.

Take a moment RIGHT NOW and invite Him into your life.  Thank Him for His love - and tell Him you accept His love and His healing for your wounds.