Monday, August 29, 2016

Never Apologize

I have had a few creative ideas that I became  excited about.  For a couple of weeks, I tinkered with these ideas and started gaining momentum as I worked on them.  But a thought entered my mind that squelched my momentum.  “what if my idea is stupid?” Then another thought followed… “what if someone has already thought of this?”   These led to more thoughts, which led me to start searching through the internet and comparing my idea with what other people had done.  I started doubting myself, that what I had to offer was not important, that my idea would not be relevant.  This caused me to stop dead in my tracks.  For the past several weeks, my ideas have been sitting on the dusty shelf, hopeless and forgotten.  

This week, as I had a day to slow down and reflect, another thought suddenly entered my mind….  a thought very different than the previous thoughts of self doubt and comparison.  The thought was from God speaking to me.  God said to me in a still, small voice in my head:

“don’t give up on your idea. It’s your idea."

Then, God started to encourage me:

"You are unique, and your life experience is unique.  Don’t worry about what others have created or accomplished.  Right now, don’t worry about whether your idea will be successful.  Don’t judge your idea based on if people will get it or accept it.  Most great ideas at first are not understood or accepted.  You have something to offer.  There is someone who will appreciate your idea, someone who will benefit from your knowledge.  Be willing to put yourself out there - take a risk.

Stand out. Be different.  

I, your Heavenly Father made you unique to be creative.  Don’t worry about the results, just be true to yourself.  Live boldly the way I designed you to live. Live freely trusting me with the results.  Look to me for your affirmation, because I am proud of you.  I love you."

Isn’t that awesome? Now, I know I typed those words, but I believe God was speaking to me as I journaled what God was planting in my mind.  

My message to you - never apologize for working on your ideas.  Never apologize for who you are.  Know who you are.  Realize that God, the Father made you with intention to be unique, to think, to create, to be different.  

Don’t compare yourself with other people.  Learn to appreciate other people’s ideas and accomplishments.  Understand that every person has their own journey they are on.  Some are farther down the road than you are.  Rather than be discouraged by their success, be encouraged by knowing that their success started out as a “dumb idea”, a “dismissed concept” that nobody would ever buy in to.

Be courageous.  Be reckless.  Dont wait to present your idea until it is processed or makes sense.  The polishing and refining comes later.  First comes the creativity.

Never apologize for your ideas.

As my kids will say in a funny voice around the house:

You be You, Boo"